Where Do You Think You Are?

I’ve lived in the town of Lowton all my life. I’ve seen it grow from a small village with many fields fields, where as kids we played and messed about at the ponds, to what it is now. Most of those fields are now built on and they’re still building and destroying the fields what’s left. I was around when Lowton St Mary’s had a train station.

highfield moss boxing day
Highfield Moss. Boxing Day 2013

Lowton was in Lancashire up until the county boundary changes in 1974. The town was put into Greater Manchester. Warrington was also in Lancashire but the boundary changes put them in Cheshire. Continue reading Where Do You Think You Are?


Lost Jewellery Finding Service

Have you lost a valuable item of Jewellery, such as a ring, bracelet, necklace, watch, etc? Has the item been lost in the Leigh, Wigan or Warrington area? I’m offering a free service to locate and find the item using my metal detector.

If the item has been lost on land you live at or own, then all I will need is for you to provide me with the area where you believe it was lost. If you lost the item on land owned by someone else then you must seek the permission from the landowner for me to do a search.

Please contact me for further info.

Next Step to Hell!

A poem I wrote around 10 years ago about bullying.

Next Step to Hell!

Surrounded by torment and despair.
When you cry out loud you can’t be heard.
Dark images that haunt your mind.
Bring on the tears of fear inside.
Mutant shadows crawl silently across the black dusty walls.
They stalk the pain that you have so bravely fought.
And just like animals caged in a zoo.
They force their heavy rusty chains on you.
The bleeding wounds they stain the soul.
As the taunts and threats from the crowd unfold.
Like rats that spring up from stinking infested sewers.
They smell the sweat and you are slowly lured.
Into their labryinth where you fall lame.
Where they torture you with their mental games.
As your sanity implodes through your weak and trembling shell.
They have welcomed you.. to the next step to hell!

Pete Ince